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At MindWise Psychological Services, we are dedicated to helping you navigate the complexities of neurodevelopmental conditions. We provide careful, accurate research-based testing; clear and thorough evaluation reports; and thoughtful, expert guidance to help you identify and access the most appropriate services. Take a moment to explore the conditions we assess and review our evaluation process.

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Neurodevelopmental Testing

MindWise Psychological Services performs diagnostic evaluations for several neurodevelopmental conditions. Our clinical psychologists are professionally trained and highly skilled in the administration of the psychological tests offered at MindWise. We only administer the most current versions of testing measures such as the ADOS-2, CARS-2, SRS-2, Vineland-III, Wechsler IQ tests in English and Spanish, and others.

If you have concerns about a suspected developmental delay for your child or loved one, please contact our office to inquire about an evaluation. The following includes information about some of the conditions we frequently assess.

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Evaluation Process

Neurodevelopmental testing involves the careful gathering of background information and administration and interpretation of psychological measures, which results in a written diagnostic report with recommendations for treatment or services. See below for more details about the full evaluation process.

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In addition to English, MindWise Psychological Services offers psychological evaluations in seven other languages, including:

  • American Sign Language
  • Hebrew
  • Japanese
  • Mandarin
  • Portuguese
  • Romanian
  • Spanish
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Treatment Consultations

MindWise Psychological Services specializes in psychological testing, and our psychologists are also very familiar with the various treatments and therapies available for the disorders we diagnose. We may refer families to other service providers for treatment or therapy.

Whether you receive a diagnosis from our team or another psychologist, MindWise Psychological Services can provide valuable consultation in the following areas:

  • Review of clinical report to determine appropriate treatments and therapies
  • Guidance and support in selecting treatment service providers
  • Independent review and evaluation of treatment progress and milestones

Please inquire about our consultation services if you have questions or concerns about starting or continuing treatment or therapy.

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Your investment in quality testing services for a neurodevelopmental disorder is critical for achieving a thorough, accurate evaluation. MindWise Psychological Services is committed to providing you with the best roadmap for making informed treatment decisions with clarity and confidence.

The following is an overview of our payment options.